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Cars Removal Melbourne

Our team of expert car and vehicle removal staff will take care of your needs from start to end, giving you a complete vehicle and car removal service.

Old Car Removal Melbourne

If you have a vehicle that needs to be recycled, or if you are looking for parts, please give us a call. We operate a pick-up service, and can take your old car off your hands. Offering cash for your previously loved vehicle, we can take care of your auto salvage needs in a professional manner!

Free Car Removal Melbourne

You might always find one or two old cars parked on the curb. Normally, there is place for one car only in front of the house or in the garage and if you are planning to buy a new car soon, then why not dump your old one.

You can always call for the towing service to roll your car away, but it would be a hassle dealing with the tow-truck driver, the delay and the cost of towing. It is a trend these days to call tow trucks for car removals in Melbourne, fortaking away your metal junk off the street. All of Melbourne trusts Vehicle Removal’s services the most when going for their car removal.

Many car removal or towing companies do not just accept any and every car model. You might have an old Volkswagen or a Datsun that needs to be disposed to the scrap yard and towing companies will hesitate to take that off your view. During old car removal in Melbourne, our company takes care of everything. Here at Vehicle Removals, any kind of car is acceptable, in any condition and pays instant and good cash.

The reason why people cater Vehicle Removal services in car removals in Melbourne is that we not just take away junk cars off the street and make the view from your bedroom window more appropriate, but we also pay good cash for the old car removal in Melbourne. It is as easy as just picking up your phone and giving us a call. Our experienced staff will provide you with price quotes by getting an idea of your car’s condition. They provide on spot information on cash figures and pick-up dates.

Scheduling your pick up is very easy. It is not a place where you must book your service, days before it is rendered. A buyer, or perhaps several buyers will be lined up for you or towing trucks to meet with the schedule and provide you with a hassle free service for your convenience.

The main benefits of a free car removal Melbourne service are:

  • A fast service that you can rely on. We are never too busy to pick up your car.
  • Car of any model, year or condition is accepted and instantly paid for.
  • It is always a profitable bargain, where only you are being paid for, and never have to give a dime out of your own pocket.


We work to satisfy you and schedule our services according to your time restraints.  No matter, wherever you live around Melbourne, if you have a problem, which needs to be fixed, and you are in search of a suitable car removal company, then Vehicle Removals is the right stop for you. Get rid of your junk car as easy as your garbage and make your neighbourhood beautiful, one less scrap car at a time.

We are at your service just a call away, and with a few questions to be answered from your side about the car you want to dispose off, we will provide an instant quote over the phone. Only your approval will be needed and you are all set for your car removal.

Give us a call today to get rid of your unwanted vehicle and get paid for it!