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Cash for Junk Car Melbourne

Vehicle Removals is a leading car wreckers offering instant cash for junk car in Melbourne, Get cash for junk cars.

Apart from the several services offered at Vehicle Removals in Melbourne, Australia, the most recognized service is ‘‘Cash for junk car Melbourne’’.

Do you want to sell your house, but you have your old car parked in front of the lot with worn out paint and bumpers touching the road?

That sure looks a view that will turn away many of the potential buyers or renters. So why not call for a vehicle removal service that solves your problem. Your junk car is taken off your house premises without costing you a penny, instead you will be paid for that junk.

Are you staging an open house but your neighbours junk car is parked right across the street which will destroy the view from your window and will impact on the open house’s performance?

That might be possible because when considering buying a house on an upscale, beautiful and quiet street, people do not want their Sunday mornings to be ruined from the annoying noise of the junk car. Moreover, having a car shows off good personality and having an old, dented car on the street creates a bad impression on the new buyer as well as for the real estate personnel who work very hard for organising an open house and attracting possible buyers.

Junk Car for Cash Melbourne

Junk car for cash in Melbourne is an attractive service for customers who are not willing to trade their junk car to the scrap yard because it will cost them money, with no benefits in return. At Vehicle Removals, we offer cash for junk car in and around Melbourne, which will be profitable for the seller and will also solve the problems of unappealing condition of the streets.

Coming across a crowded street, packed with parked cars, a junk piece would tune down the whole vibe of the street. But our team which schedules and comes for the pick-up will never joke about the piece of junk and will handle it in a recyclable routine considering all environmental factors.

Our services are rendered from start to finish, and nothing is left in bits and pieces which becomes a headache for you later on. List of services that are offered include:


Not just vehicle removals, but recycling of cars is also available. Do you need spare parts for your scrap car to turn it into something awesome? Do not worry, because we have a lot of spare parts coming in from dismantling of several cars and you might find your perfect match.

At Vehicle Removals, we make it possible to sweep the streets of Melbourne, Australia off junk and scrap cars and other vehicle categories with no delay in cash payments. It is the service that takes the load off your shoulders and pays you in return. So drop us an email at or give us a call on 0401 580 093.